Photo: Peggy’s Cove, NS.

March 11, 2016
anchor rusty

I plan to post Scripture Photos for the next few weeks. I hope you like them. They are my original photos that I capture around Atlantic Canada! This photo was taken in Peggy’s Cove, NS.


God’s Grace Through It All

March 3, 2016

The rain comes to wash away the sin,

The sun shines to birth new shoots of life;

The moon appears to offer direction at the midnight hour,

And grace comes to encompass the souls who need him.


The world is filled with turmoil, we know,

The sky and earth gives way to fury;

This is when we ask, “Why?” God, “Why?”

And then, God’s grace fills our hearts again.


God hears the cry of the righteous,

He listens to every fainthearted whisper;

He is near to the victims of the swelling flood and

He is wrapped around the child caught in the swirl;

All because God’s grace is through it all.


When we reach the other shore we’ll understand it better,

The depth of God’s love and the nearness and riches of his grace;

“You’re right Lord!” This world was not my home. We passed through it together.”

You landed me safely in the bosom of your grace!

copyright Janice Keats



What God Can Do!

August 11, 2015

He gave me peace,
He rescued me from torment,
He gave me healing power,
He gave me safety and security,
He gave me hope and a future,
He gave me abilities and gifts,
He gives me the desires of my heart,
He gives me joy in my family,
He gives me direction in life,
He answers my prayers.

And it’s amazing what He will do for you!

On the Journey,


Have you Received God’s Power?

July 20, 2015

As Jesus was ascending He gave the disciples instructions to wait for the power that they were to receive. They were witnesses of Jesus work and resurrection. They waited in the upper room to receive power from God. It was delivered as promised. With power from God, they were able to go out into their communities to be witnesses and share the Gospel. They were able to do this since they received the power of the Holy Spirit. God promised to be with them. And they knew and felt His presence. And they believed who Jesus was- their master, their teacher and friend!

Read Acts 8

On the Journey!


So That’s the Difference!

June 2, 2015

Living for God means abstaining from worldly pleasures. It’s not abstaining from consuming alcohol, but avoiding drunkenness. It’s not about chasing after your own desires but tuning into God. It’s not about having a love for things. It’s about worshipping God and what he reveals to us in his word! It is seeking God first then our dreams and desires take flight. Whatever we do we can keep it within God’s limitless blessings!

Read 1Peter 4:2,3

On the Journey!

Paul Trades His Zeal for the Mission

May 28, 2015

Paul was so zealous to persecute the Christians and had since turned the same zealousness around full circle to persuade people to follow Christ. As a result, many believed and became followers of Christ.

Read Philippians 3:3

On the Journey,


They All Deserted Him

April 7, 2015

How do we measure up to Gods standards?
How will we ever be true enough for Gods expectations? Peter denied Him, all his disciples deserted him, and we His followers are not pure because we fail him.

We don’t always measure up with our thoughts word and deeds.
Nevertheless, He came to offer eternal life because He created us. We belong to Him and we were on His mind when he was on the cross.
We respond by faith now!

Read Mark 14

On The Journey,


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