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Poems of Inspiration and Occasion

  • This book is a combination of inspirational and traditional poetry. It has a descriptive flare with elements for storytelling. You’ll find poems of heartfelt true stories such as “An Old Heart’s Cry” and “Here I Am” to the more traditional style, “For the Times are A Changin’” and “The Old Fashioned Clothesline.”




Covering The Bases

  • This Bible Study Guide takes you on a journey around the baseball field. There are four main topics covered: Discovering God, Worshipping God, Praying to God and Walking with God. Ultimately, the goal is eternal life which is found on the Home Plate! The book is suitable for a group study or a personal study. Included are discussion notes and fill-ins.



Download promotional flyer (requires Acrobat Reader)

  • Are you filled with questions or have doubts about relationship evangelism? This book will enable and equip the Christian to embark on the simple journey of reaching people for Him! There are several biblical examples discussed along with questions and answers. Included are charts to help maintain the progress of evangelizing!


Now Available: Poems of Inspiration and Occasion – Audio Book

You will find poems of heartfelt true stories such as:  “An Old Heart’s Cry,” and “Here I Am,” to the more traditional style,  “For the Times are A Changin’,” and “The Old Fashioned Clothesline.”

Also included on the CD are Wedding Poems, “To My Parent’s,” “To The Groom’s Mother,” and “To My Bridesmaid.”

There is music recorded in the background throughout the CD with various selections for each theme.

The cost of the audio CD is $10.00 plus postage $3.00  Makes a great Gift! Request your copy today via email at

There are bookmarks included with each CD ordered!!



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